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Faculty Bargaining Services (FBS) was launched in 2004 following a feasibility study undertaken by the Canadian Association of University Business Officers (CAUBO). It was designed to foster a sense of ownership among the members of its community and to emphasize the understanding that all universities, larger or small, unionized or not, need to share information in order to allow the development of knowledge and expertise related to employment and working conditions of faculty in Canadian universities. In 2007 the scope of the program expanded to include all academic personnel - librarians, faculty paid by the course, teaching and research assistants, post-doctoral fellows, research professionals, etc.

The current aim of FBS is to support participating institutions in both bargaining and contract administration of academic staff. The program of services remains collaborative and participatory, and continues to evolve based on the needs of its community. Full access to our website is granted exclusively to members of our community, primarily comprised of individuals from participating institutions who have been identified as assuming a direct responsibility for collective and framework agreement bargaining and contract administration as well as of individuals from participating regional associations.